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What Do We 1000 phone numbers Mean When

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What Do We 1000 phone numbers Mean When

We Say Distance Or Social Distancing? In Recent Months We Have Heard, Read And Used The Concept Of “social Distancing” Exponentially. But We Stopped Relatively Little. We 1000 phone numbers Use It To Refer To The Minimum Distance Between Two People To Minimize The Risk Of Covid-19 Infection: About Two Meters Away. The Distance Of Two Meters Of Security, However, Is Not A Social Distance But A Physical Distance: We Need A Physical Space Of Two Meters, Regardless Of The Distance Or Social Proximity Between Us. In Epidemiology, Where The Concept Comes From, The Concepts Of Physical Distancing And Social Distancing Are Used Interchangeably . From A Sociological Point Of View , On The Other Hand, Talking About Social Distancing In

These Terms Can Only Confuse Us, Which Is Why We Argue That We Should Abandon It And 1000 phone numbers Move On To Talking Only About ‘physical’ Distancing .we Can Understand That, During The First Days Of The Confinement Of The Population, The Image Of The Absence Of Social Contact Seemed Appropriate To Describe The “new Reality”. But Over The Weeks We Have Had Plenty Of Time To Realize That Not Only In The Border We Will Have To Meet Again In The Streets, Shops Or Terraces, But Maintaining The Physical Distance, But Even All During The Same Confinement It Has Not Made Much Sense To Talk About Social Distancing , As While Many Links Have Been

Effectively Frozen 1000 phone numbers Or

Others Have Been Strengthened, Intensified Or Even Creat, As Has Happened In Some Cases. Between Neighbors. Since Social Distance, In Sociology , Cannot Be Measured In Meters, Centimeters Or Kilometers, We Propose Some Notes To Clarify How We Can 1000 phone numbers Think Sociologically About Social Distance And What Is Its Link Or Absence Of Link With The Physical Distance . This Can Help Us Think About The Social Impact Of The Pandemic And The Confinement From Which We Call The Relational Perspective. Distance-social-sociology What Is Social Distance In Sociology? From A Sociological Point Of View , Social Distance Can Mean Different

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Things, And We Can Think Of It As A Social Distance Between Individuals Or Between Groups Or Categories. The Most Common Use Of The Term Refers To Distance In 1000 phone numbers Terms Of Inequality , Especially But Not Just Socioeconomic Inequality : Someone In The Upper Class Is Perceiv As Very “distant” From Someone Living In Extreme Poverty. We Could Call It Vertical Social Distance . That Is Why We Speak Of “Going Up” And “Going Down” Socially: Because There Is A Vertical Movement Between Two Distant Points. This Distance In Hierarchical Terms Can Also Be Appli To Other Forms Of Inequality And Inequality Of Opportunity , Such As

Those Derived 1000 phone numbers From Ethnicity,

Gender, Sexuality, Nationality, Age, And So On . The Distance Or Social Proximity Understood. In These Terms Is Independent Of The Fact That Two Specific People Are Relat To Each Other , And Of Course That Two People Are Relat To Each Other Less. Than 1000 phone numbers Two Meters Away . We Understand It, Rather. As The Distance In Life Opportunities(Own And Also Of Sons And Daughters. In Unequal Access To Resources, In Differentiat Rights And Obligations. Which Operate In A Complex Way, As Distances In Socioeconomic Terms Are Articulat With Distances In Terms Of Gender, Religion, Skin Color An Ethnicity. In Sociology , However, We

Can Also Speak Of Social Distance In Very Different Terms: In Terms Of Position In The Networks. Of Relationships, And Therefore Linked To The Specific Social Links We May Have .With Those Around Us. We Can Call This A Horizontal Social Distance. Although As We Will See Later, It May Or May Not Have A “vertical” Component In. The 1000 phone numbers Sense Of Being Linked To Inequality Of Opportunity. And Access To Resources. In Any Neighborhood, Family, School, Work Or Association. For Example, We Can Map The Type Of Interactions And Relational Links. Between Individuals, In Which The Greater Or Lesser Social Distance. Corresponds To The Relational Fabric From Concrete Interactions : With Whom We Interact More Or Less Intensely And With Whom

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