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What Are The Brand Content Trends For 2018?

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What Are The Brand Content Trends For 2018?

Today, Brand Content has become a real lever for digital strategy. However, uses and technologies are evolving. You have to adapt and anticipate. Discover the 10 major trends for 2018 and the list of your good resolutions! 1 / Brand Content and live According to a study KPCB , live video’s have a higher value than others. In 2018, they will be the preferred format for expressing branded content. On Facebook, the numbers speak for themselves . 82% of users prefer live branded videos. They spend 3 times more time there than on other videos. Why ? Because they consider that this format conveys naturalness and authenticity. These two key values ​​should guide your Brand Content for the coming year. In addition, Google and Facebook now favor this format in their algorithms. If live videos are the 2018 trend, remember, however, that a live is being prepared!

Brand-content-video-live The correct 2018 resolution? Get advice for successful live events. Our White Paper on the subject is available on request . And if you don’t have a live event idea for your brand, we’ve got one for you. 2 / Brand Content and data analysis Google is always more efficient: duplicate content rejected, bounce rate taken into account, etc. In 2018, your branded content should be qualified and unique. To avoid being sanctioned by the search USA WhatsApp Number List , think above all about your target rather than algorithms. In addition, the information collected by tracking on the sites is becoming more precise and more numerous. Analysis tools are becoming more efficient and experts are better trained. This enriched customer knowledge will enhance your branded content in an ecosystem of increased competition. Brand-content-machine-learning The correct 2018 resolution? Get support from a Data Analyst or Google Analytics expert.

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Brand Content and data analysis

The use of e-commerce will change in the years to come. Thus, Amazon gives a precise guide to brands, so that they carefully fill out their product sheets. In this context, your Brand Content must adapt. Why ? Because your product sheets on Marketplace become a central lever for conversion . While luxury brands have long been reluctant to market their products online, this is no longer the case today. They can be found, for example, on the 24sèvres.com Marketplace . Brand-content-2018-marketplace The correct 2018 resolution? Work on its visibility and product sheets on the Marketplace. We are at the service of many e-commerce sites. Strongly subject to trends, their developments require great responsiveness . 4 / Brand Content: local content While most of the Brand Content systems are designed on a national scale, we can see a trend towards proximity over the coming year.


Work on local SEO and deploy a store locator if necessary . The SEO is heart of our business for over seven years. 5 / Brand Content: art and emotion In the digital space, what is called “user experience” is becoming the subject of all challenges for brands in 2018. Consumers have raised their level of demand. The latter is on the lookout for new sensations. Some marketers are now talking about a purchasing journey that must “elevate” the consumer into homo. To succeed in doing well and work on their Brand Content, brands are increasingly turning to artistic directors to offer content (images, videos) in tune with the times. This trend, which asserts itself in the coming year, is called Brand Art. The famous e-commerce company vente-privee.com organized this year an exhibition of videos broadcast on the digital of its new building, on the outskirts of Paris.

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Brand Content and Marketplace

3 / Brand Content and Marketplace The number of Marketplace continues to increase. Consumers are increasingly using it. The local is a real source of content , which will benefit both small and large companies. Your Content Marketing strategy will benefit from the data extracted from the geolocation of your customers and the associated keywords. Optimizing local SEO with an “SEO-friendly” store locator , for example, is becoming a real trend in 2018. See here for a regional banking establishment. brand-content-2018-store-locator The correct 2018 resolution? For this first edition, the exhibition entitled “The Open Window” offered young videographers the opportunity to show videos on the theme “Origins”. A dedicated site was associated with it . Brand-content-2018-artekingThe correct 2018 resolution? For your Brand Content, use art for marketing purposes. Within our Editorial Department, one of our experts is a former curator with a passion for contemporary art.

According to a study conducted in the United States, consumers are three times more likely to make the act of purchase than in any other context. Brand-content-2018-shoppable-media The correct 2018 resolution? Deploy your Brand Content on shoppable media. Our Social Media Pole masters social networks and their new purchasing functions . 7 / Brand Content: written by the consumer, the influencer, the employee The year 2017 marked the advent of micro-influencers: that is to say, engaged consumers. These are ambassadors who lead communities on social networks and leave opinions (comments, stars, ratings). In 2018, in the tourism sector, influencers are making a comeback. In companies, a new phenomenon is emerging: employee advocacy . The principle is to mobilize employees to feed its Brand Content. To orchestrate this, BNP, for example, uses a specific platform: It centralizes on an interface relevant content thanks to curation.

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