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For Innovation And Training Sri-lanka Phone Number

(As An Institution, Ctif) Of Madrid Sur. Description And Essence Of Goubak It Is A Collective Sport Of Collaboration-opposition (Regulated). In Which 2 Teams Of 5 Players Each Face Each Other, Necessarily Mixed, Around A Single Central Goal. The Objective Is To Pass The Ball Sri-lanka phone number (Of Totally New Dimensions To What Is Already Known, Being A Third Type Of Ball In Terms Of Its Shape) Between The Three Posts That Make Up The Goal And On The Other Side A Teammate Catch It On The Fly. To Highlight, The Own Scoring System, Closely Linked To Computational Thinking, Since They Must Reach And Maintain 15 Points In The 30 Minutes That A Match Lasts, Being Able To Obtain Positive Points (In Favor Of The Team) And Negative Points (Subtract The

Rival) , So The Management And Dosage Of The Points Will Be Essential. Another Peculiarity Is The Regulated Opposition, Condition That Causes Passive Defense While The Ball Does Sri-lanka phone number Not Cross The Goal, Becoming Active Immediately When Crossing. This Concept Allows Successful Experiences For Any Student, Regardless Of Their Motor Level. Goubak Illustrative Video History Of Pinfuvote The Pinfuvote Was Created By Juan Lorenzo Roca Brines, Professor Of Physical Education… We Have To Go Back To 1992 To Find The First Seeds Of The Pinfuvote. It Is In The Cp La Motilla De Dos Hermanas (Seville), During Volleyball

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Practice Begins To Take Shape. The Sessions Of This Sport Revealed A Series Of Facts And Behaviors That Justified The Adaptation And/or Modification Of Certain Rules To Integrate The Sri-lanka phone number  Majority Of The Participants. Thus, We Found Ourselves With: Low Participation Of Certain Students, Either Due To Being Overweight Or Due To A Low Level Of Motor Skills. Minimal Continuity In The Game And Abundant Turnovers. Rejection And Fear Of Hitting The Ball Due To Its Hardness. Boredom, Disenchantment And Little Fun. Therefore, And After Experiencing The Successive Variants And Modifications That Were Made Day By Day, Pinfuvote Emerged As A New Sports Practice In The College Itself. Description And Essence Of Pinfuvote As Pointed

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Out In The History Of This Sport, The Essence Of This Sport Lies In The Need To Adapt Volleyball In The School Environment. It Is A Game-sport That Combines Pin G-pong, Fú Tbol, ​​vo Leibol And Te Nis Rules, While Incorporating Other New Ones With The Sri-lanka phone number Aim Of Involving The Majority Of Students In The Game. /ace. Played By Two Teams On A Field Divided By A Net, The Objective Of The Game Is To Send The Mobile To The Opposing Field So That It Hits The Ground Twice Consecutively Or The Opposing Team Cannot Return It. Also, Each Team Has A Maximum Of Three Hits And Three Bounces (One Between Each Hit), To Return The Ball To The Opponent.

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History Of The Ringol The Ringol Was Created In 2017 In Seville By A Group Of Physical. Education Teachers United By The Need To Seek Alternatives In Physical Activity. For Students With More Difficulties In Motor Skills When Performing Sports. It Was Sri-lanka phone number Born In The Physical Education Class To Respond. To Students Who Have Less Participation In Physical Activity To Favor Sports Activity. Mainly In This Sector Of The Student Body Both Inside And Outside The School. Environment. Description And Essence Of Ringol Sport That Is Practiced. With A Single Hit Of The Ball, On A Rectangular Playing Surface, Between. Two Mixed Teams Of 7 Or 8 Players Who Try To Introduce The Ball Into The Opponent’s Goal Or Ring By Hitting With All Parts Of The Body Except The Head

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And Fists, And Gripping The Ball Inside The Opponent’s Box. The Main Element Of This Sport Is A Hoop Attach To The Top Of The Crossbar Of Each Goal. When Playing. With Sri-lanka phone number A Single Touch Of The Ball, Participation Is Maximum. This Produces A Feeling Of Well-being Thanks To The Fact That Everyone. Feels Important In The Development Of The Game And Participates In The Search .For The Goal. It Boasts Of Being One Of The Most Inclusive Sports That Exist Today. By Treating Attention To Diversity With Great Respect, An Aspect That Is Clearly. Present In The Regulations That Regulate This Sport Where The Participation Of People With

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