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What should you know about Precision Marketing?

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What should you know about Precision Marketing?

Creating “flat” segments makes wrong assumptions that can lead to major communication conflicts and very negative customer experiences. Internet users receive thousands of online and offline impacts from different products and services Bangladesh Phone Number List every day, and of these only five or six are relevant, for that reason brands must outline a Precision Marketing strategy , according to a recent Elogia report.

So far, most companies have based their digital strategies on the data that can be captured via the internet, mobile, CRM and social networks ; however, these figures only provide between 18 and 20 percent of user information.

In addition, throughout the customer journey there are several moments in which data can be obtained from users and each of these moments has a different objective.

Despite the fact that these data provide certain information about users, Elogia, an expert agency in digital commerce marketing, identified three problems with this type of data:

Creating “flat” segments makes wrong assumptions that can lead to major communication conflicts and very negative customer experiences.
“Flat” segmentations do not take into account that the same person wants different things in different contexts.
Another flaw of flat segmentations is that they operate with data obtained without a trust agreement with the client in exchange for a value proposition.
” One of the main advantages of digital marketing is obtaining data in large quantities , but its main drawback is how to obtain it, purify it and turn it into relevant information,” said Pedro Abad, CEO of Elogia México.

The executive points out that this model seeks to change the way of doing things, that is, to stop starting from the mass of data to find value in it and focus on what data Phone Number List is needed to be relevant and find a way to obtain it. In this way, concepts close to microtargeting can be reached, he adds.

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This model seeks to bring brands closer to Precision Marketing and uses the following methodology:

Strategic diagnosis and hypothesis generation: touchpoints, customer journey, contexts (taking into account the entire “customer experience”), definition of customer, identification of attributes, technology, channels.
Market analysis and competitor messages
Stakeholder involvement in the co-creation of the value proposition
Model construction: segmentation, customer profiling, KPI’s
Design of experiments to validate the model and the value proposition
Initiatives roadmap
Corporate and third party alignment
Implementation of procedures and technologies, design of materials
Measurement of KPIs and return on investment
Learnings, modifications (if necessary)
Successive interactions until reaching the desired situation
An essential point of the Human Data Model is to have an adequate value proposition. That is, identify at what point in the Customer Journey (Online / Offline) the most relevant information can be captured based on the context, channel and appropriate time of each user , for example: consideration, evaluation, purchase, experience and engagement.

Precision Marketing with the aim of reaching personification, in order to increase the effectiveness of messages directed to users by up to 50 percent.

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