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What psychology explains about why we seek luxury and its products

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What psychology explains about why we seek luxury and its products

Luxury has been a kind of constant throughout history, one of those things that, although it may seem almost a matter of modern life, has been around for centuries. From the use of certain colors or fabrics to make clothes to how and what furniture was chosen to introduce into homes, luxury is one of those consumption patterns that does not disappear. The passage of time makes what we consider luxurious to change and what we understand even by the concept of luxury itself changes (millennials, for example, have changed the idea of ​​luxury and have linked it much more to experiences). Despite this, however, luxury remains there as a constant. And what makes that, despite everything, luxury does not disappear and remains in the behavior guidelines of consumers is, many times, the very essence of luxury, the psychology of why we buy Belarus Mobile Database and why we do it that way. mode. As explained in The Drum , in a way this essence of luxury could be closely linked to the very essence of animal psychology. Thus, the basic point is what in evolutionary psychology experts call in English the index of fitness , which could be the fitness index in Spanish. It is what makes peacocks show their colorful tails as they are showing their attractiveness, or what makes bonobos comb other bonobos as they show their cunning.

In the case of luxury, it is a little less simple, they warn in the analysis, but at a subconscious level it is quite similar in essence. Luxury products are not something we need to survive, but rather something that helps us show who we are, they explain. In the luxury product you can find a very good job, the fact that they are products that are difficult to obtain and that they serve to make a certain material ostentation. How to count luxury This helps to understand the essence of what our mind at a subconscious level processes about luxury, but also to establish how those products should be sold. In fact, the marketing of luxury products tends to be strongly based on stories. Marketing and communication teams tell stories and use them to build a certain reputation. But the stories are not all the same and not all the elements that stand out achieve the same effect.

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If you want them to really work and, taking into account how our mind processes luxury, they have to give the product that certain feeling of ‘legend’, something timeless and unique, not very accessible. And furthermore, the stories have to work on several levels Brother Cell Phone List. You have to create stories for the general public, to give a certain social position to the brand and its products, and others for the specific and unique audience of the product, which will be the ones that make those consumers continue to love what they have in front of them. Brands have to be able to function with storytelling at two different levels. And this is, on the other hand, increasingly complicated, because in the era of social networks and the internet, everything ends up becoming more and more popular and shared. It is much more difficult to limit who accesses the information.

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