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What is native advertising? Advantages and success stories

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What is native advertising? Advantages and success stories

¿ What is the Native Advertising ? When designing your brand’s digital marketing plan, this type of advertising is an ingredient that cannot be missing. In recent years we have seen the emergence and popularization of this technique. And far from disappearing, it is an increasingly important part of the strategies. So much so, that it is estimated that in 2021 it will account for no less than 74% of advertising revenue. Ultimately, this is a fantastic niche for brands and advertisers, with great potential to continue to generate ever-increasing profits in the future. Don’t miss out on this unique marketing opportunity ! In this article we are going to talk about what native advertising is, analyze in detail the most common formats in which it is presented and see what the benefits are for your brand. If you want to reveal all its secrets, keep reading! What is native advertising What is native advertising? We can define native advertising or native advertising as “a form of advertising in paid media that adapts in form and functionality to the environment in which it appears, allowing it to impact the user in a less intrusive way than with traditional advertising”. An essential element of this type of advertising is that it is not perceived as advertising , since it is 100% integrated into its environment. For example, when it is located in an online medium, we will see that it fully respects the format and the editorial style.

Still, for ethical reasons, we must always clearly show that this is promoted content. To be successful, native advertising depends on the quality of the content . This must not be excessively promotional and must always provide value to the user, whether in the form of information, entertainment or, better yet, both at the same time! We must first discuss the user’s problems and concerns, and only then can we present our product or service as a possible solution. Another key is that it must be completely adapted to the different devices and platforms that we can find on the Internet, either through texts, images, videos or interactive content with which the user can dialogue. If you want to complement the information we give in this article, we invite you to watch this video presented by our Cyberclick team. Why does native advertising work? According to surveys by the Online Publishers Association (OPA) , 53% of users are more attracted to native BULGARIA BUSINESS EMAIL LIST than to other traditional formats. To understand the reason for this success, you have to put yourself in the user’s shoes and understand what their browsing experience is like. Generally, when we visit a web page, we can see a large number of banner ads. As users have become “desensitized” in front of them, they have become more and more visible, more intrusive and more annoying to try to get attention. The result is that the experience of reading or consuming the content is affected and, instead of being attracted to the brand, the user perceives the ads as a nuisance. So much so, that the use of ad-blocking programs has increased by 92% since 2014.

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Instead, native advertising is seamlessly integrated into the user’s browsing experience, for example, to offer them content similar to what they have just read and that could therefore interest them. In this way, it not only allows you to bypass ad blockers but is also much more attractive . For users, native advertising has many advantages . Instead of invading him to claim his attention, he offers him something that really interests him and that he wants to consume. Although it is labeled as advertising, it does not generate a reaction of rejection and avoidance, because it tells you things you want to know. And for advertisers, it is an opportunity to have the attention of potential customers to develop the story of the brand in a much more extensive way than with traditional banners. As the Anglo-Saxons say, it’s a win-win! If you want to know how it can be beneficial for your brand and for you, read this content where we talk about how to develop an advertising campaign and what strategy is best suited to your brand. Benefits of native advertising
What is Native Advertising More new traffic. Native advertising allows us to reach users who no longer respond to traditional advertising, so it can represent a very interesting source of traffic. In addition, this traffic usually has a very low cost per click.
More visibility. Users are “trained” to ignore advertising when reading articles online. But being integrated, native ads overcome these defenses and manage to be 53% more visible than classic banners.

Better browsing experience. Since we are not interrupting the reading of users, the browsing experience is much more pleasant with native Bulgaria Business Email List , and consequently our brand reputation improves. The result is that users receive this advertising better and are more willing to share it, especially in the case of content ads. In fact, 32% of users would share advertising through their social networks if it would provide them with useful value. We see, therefore, that the possibilities to trigger a viral response are much greater than in the case of traditional advertising. Learning about the interests of the target. The analysis of the reactions to the content that we disseminate will allow us to modulate and adapt our communication strategy so that it is increasingly effective. More entries at the top of the conversion funnel. Native advertising is not aimed at direct sales, but at attracting users in the early stages of interest through content that is attractive to them. Therefore, it is a good way to create audiences for retargeting campaigns and guide them little by little on the way to becoming a loyal customer of the brand. Native advertising formats There are numerous native advertising formats, as well as different classifications of them. For this article, we are going to focus on the three that we consider most relevant today: branded content, native display ads, and content ads. What is Native Advertising

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1) Branded content Branded content consists of content created and published by third parties and sponsored by the brand . The most common example is the sponsored posts of influencers, who reach agreements with brands to promote them through their social networks. This type of content is especially popular on Instagram. Another example of branded content is editorial articles that are published in the media and that talk about a brand’s products and services, for example, gift suggestions for occasions such as Valentine’s or Mother’s Day. It is important to note that in these cases the creation of the content corresponds entirely to the influencer or the medium, so there is no such rigid control as in traditional advertising. It is a more open dialogue between the brand, the influencer and their audience. The great secret of branded content is that it manages to generate trust in the audience, since the brand is recommended by a user or a medium that users follow and trust. As always in advertising, it is essential to have solid ethical principles so that this relationship works and the user’s trust is not betrayed. Native Advertising example

2) Native display ads Native display ads are promotional advertising 100% adapted to your environment. They are displayed through a network of publishers, such as search engines, apps, or blogs. These contents are clearly identified as advertising ; the most common is that they carry the label of “sponsored content” or similar. Still, as they do not hinder the reading experience, the user does not perceive them as intrusive. They are received very differently than traditional banner advertising, and the proof is that they receive higher click-through rates . According to some studies, the CTR can be double and the brand recall, four times higher. When creating native display ads, we can opt for a more promotional approach or direct the user to a content site. Native Advertising example 2

3) Content ads We can define content ads as content sponsored by the brand that is shown as suggested reading in editorial media and blogs. What we seek is to attract traffic to our site through high-value, non-commercial content, which focuses on the topics of interest to the user. Therefore, this type of native advertising not only integrates into its environment at a functional and aesthetic level, but also in the background. The content sponsored through content ads will always be related to the brand ; for example, in the case of a tourism brand, we can talk about travel destinations. But it is not intended to sell nor is the user required to convert immediately, since we understand that it is still in the early stages of the conversion funnel. For this type of advertising to be effective, we must try to attract the user to continue browsing our website, subscribe or perform other actions (always not related to the sale). In this way, we can continue to nurture our relationship with him through a lead nurturing strategy . Native Advertising example 3 These ads are usually displayed at the end of a news story, suggesting that the user read an article or watch a video related to the content they have just consumed. It is essential that this relationship is well established, so that the user is really interested in the content that we are going to offer. Suggestions are usually presented in the form of a block or widget with various related content, all integrated into the design of the communication medium. When the user clicks on the headline and image displayed in the widget, we redirect them to a web page or an article on our blog with the promised content. In doing so, we are offering you high-value information and focusing on forming a long-term bond.

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If you want to better understand how this type of advertising works, check out these 3 examples of native advertising . Conclusions on Native Advertising The native advertising is booming and, for most brands, and is an essential part of their marketing plans. If you want to succeed with yours, dare to jump right in! to the pool and keep these final recommendations in mind : Clearly define your goals . As in any other marketing tool, before launching into native advertising we must be very clear about what we are looking to achieve. As we have seen, this type of advertising works very well to attract users in the early stages of the conversion funnel, so we must look for ways to retain them so that they become part of our database or our audiences for remarketing. Take maximum care of the quality of the content . They have to fully adapt to the tastes and interests of your audience, meet their expectations (or even exceed them) and have the best technical quality you can offer. The more value you offer to users, the easier it will be for your content to end up going viral.
Look for integration . Of course, native ads should be similar to their environment at the design level, but the true integration goes further. Think about the places where your ads will be shown, what is the editorial line and if it is the type of audience you are looking for. Promote in its fair measure . Content ads must clearly represent your brand and its values, but you must be very cautious when introducing promotions, offers or other clearly promotional content. Think of them as the first few miles of a long-distance race to reach the conversion goal. Clearly identify your native advertising . Finally, remember that we seek to offer a smooth browsing and reading experience, but the content promoted by a brand must be clearly indicated as such. If they really add value, this fact should not generate rejection in the user.

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