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What can a podcast do for your brand?

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What can a podcast do for your brand?

They accompany us on the way to work, while we train or cook, when we take a gap between tasks or before going to sleep. They help us to perfect ourselves as professionals, to improve our relationships, to take better care of ourselves and even to know what books to read. And to laugh a lot! What should I talk about? PÓDCAST , baby. Surely you already have a favorite podcast that you like to listen to every week and you never miss an episode. And if it is not one … it will be two or three, or maybe more. I have several, but if I have to choose one to recommend to someone who wants to introduce themselves as a listener, especially if they are a woman and an entrepreneur, that is the More Businesswoman podcast . brand podcast benefits The podcast is the new radio, but with the advantage of being an on-demand format. Technically, it is a multimedia file that anyone can publish and everyone can listen to, from anywhere through a terminal with an internet connection. This type of audio content is here to stay and more and more people consume it every day. In Spain, four out of ten Internet users listen to podcasts , and of these, 10.8% do it daily, 20.5% at least once a week and 17.2% monthly, according to the report ‘How does your brand sound? The state of voice and audio in Spain ‘ prepared by Prodigioso Volcán and SEIM. Capturing the attention of your audience through an audio of just over 15 minutes or over an hour (most of them) is something very interesting for any professional profile and is available to most. Thanks to the use of the podcast, your followers will know you more and will have a greater awareness of your expertise , through a channel as genuine as your own voice and your way of expressing yourself. There is no doubt about the relevance of this format, not only for consumers but also for brands and professionals, who have here a new vein from which to draw performance for their Brazil Phone Number List and communication strategies. More businesswoman podcast eli romero Have you ever thought about using the podcast in your strategy to position your brand?

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The podcast is a great marketing tool that we have today to impact people. This format allows direct access to the minds of consumers and does so in a different and special way. Sound vibrations, when entering the body through the ear, more easily arouse sensations and emotions. Thanks to the podcast you connect with the listener in a different, more sensory and more human way . And when you get to that point of intimacy, you connect, and then everything flows in an agile and direct way. You just need to do your best and contribute what you know in order to help others. Actually, this is the key for a podcast to really work and bring results in your communication strategy. podcast strategy communication brand Advantages of podcasting in for your corporate communication Do you know everything a podcast can do for your brand? Its potential is great and it also has a series of advantages for corporate communication if we compare it with other Brazil Phone Number List and communication resources that we normally use: There is little competition … for now. Compared to YouTube, which has nearly 50 million active channels, and Facebook, whose ads are becoming more expensive every year, the podcast is still in its initial expansion phase in the Hispanic market and forecasts indicate that it has a lot to grow in the next years. It requires a minimal investment . Creating a podcast can cost the same as a mid-range microphone. Provides visibility . As a communication channel it represents a new way of making yourself known and occupying your own space and, in addition, it allows you to reach more and more people. It reinforces the brand positioning , especially that of the expert or the figure to follow, because it contributes to strengthen it even more. Authority . Listening to a professional or expert speaking in the first person of what they master gives you a superior status. Differentiation . You still have time to differentiate yourself from your competition if you create your podcast, because most do not have it yet, and this is a clear advantage in a large number of saturated markets where it is difficult to stand out. New typology of followers and potential clients. It gives you the opportunity to reach a new sector of people that until now you have not been able to reach. And from here you can refer them to the spaces and channels of the brand that strategically suit you best. Loyalty . That part so alive that has the sound that the voice of someone speaking gives off hooks and, therefore, greatly facilitates loyalty to a podcast. Even more than any new social media profile because of that special and human factor that it has. Portability . You can take it with you and consume it wherever you go and do it even while you are moving or doing something else besides listening. This allows listening to be included in day-to-day routines such as playing sports, driving or riding public transport. Spaniards listen to podcasts mostly using mobile phones (82.8%) and highlight two very clear moments for their enjoyment: when they are at home (67.5%) and when they are on their way to work (30.1%) . They are data from the study of Prodigioso Volcán and SEIM . Confidence . Hearing the real voice of a person humanizes the brand, achieving a much more powerful effect in this sense than any text or even image in an Instagram post.

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More Entrepreneur Podcast Spotify Strategy to win customers How to assemble your podcast step by step
We have seen everything that a podcast can do for your brand and you are probably already considering creating one, right? Well, these are the steps you have to take to assemble yours: Never start creating your podcast without first defining exactly: Why do you want to make your podcast, what is the objective. Who are you going to address? Who is your audience. How are you going to do it? What are you going to tell.
Find a specific niche to determine your audience and look for a specific topic. Don’t make the mistake of speaking to everyone and mixing topics that are not directly related to each other. For example, if you are going to talk about entrepreneurship, you will have to limit: female entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship in the eco sector or marketing for entrepreneurs, and go to that specific niche. Take the time to do some pre-planning and prepare the first few episodes before launching the podcast. Take your time to have at least a couple of months perfectly covered: frequency, content, calendar, contacts for interviews, topics developed … You also have to do a little market research and develop your creativity to define a suitable name for your podcast. Don’t take it lightly . Although it seems simple, sitting in front of a microphone and talking about what you master, doing it well and achieving good results requires more dedication … especially at the beginning. Develop everything in detail and do the previous work well so that each episode, content or interview has the highest possible quality. Get the following supplies : a microphone, audio editing software, and a computer. You don’t have to make a big investment, but if you want it to sound good, avoid recording with your phone’s microphone. If you can also afford some extras such as a microphone arm or a mixing console, all the better, but the latter is not necessary. The most important thing is to achieve good quality sound and that is achieved with a microphone of less than 100 euros. Another type of material that you will need is the graphic part for the cover and the images of the episodes that you are going to place on the blog, for example. You can use photography, creatives, or both. Look at elements that catch your attention in the image of other podcasts and try to stand out. You will have to define your colors and typography. You don’t need to invest a lot of time and money in this part because you can modify or tweak it later. On your computer, you will have to have a program or application to edit the audios, if you do not decide to hire someone to do it for you. You can also include a melody for the intro and the exit of each of the episodes of your podcast. It will always be the same, so you must create it only once. If you know someone who can create a personalized melody for you, great, but if it is not possible you can find royalty-free resources on the internet that can serve you perfectly. Decide on which platforms you are going to publish your podcast and sign up to do so. The more the merrier. The most important are Spotify, Google Podcast, Ivoox and iTunes. Launch it! If you have already done all of the above, now you just have to publish your first episode on the different platforms and share the link on your social networks, blog, web, newsletter … The ideal is to have previously announced the launch to have a listener base from day one, in addition to having a space ready to host the episodes and place the link buttons to the different podcast platforms on your website. Be consistent with the rate of publication of the episodes to keep the visits and not to decline.

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The first stages can be a bit hard if you don’t see the reach grow much, but if you are constant the listeners will come. Patience and perseverance. Review and reuse . When you already have many hours of published content, you can reuse fragments that give you the opportunity to develop new ideas, take up topics to add new points of view or updates, and also, you can reuse those contents to transform them and adapt them to other channels such as the blog. or social media. In the future, if your audience grows, you can monetize your podcast and generate revenue from advertising. According to the same report that I referred to earlier, 80% of podcast users see well or very well that brands sponsor content. Tips to be a good podcaster From my experience as a podcaster in e l PODCAST More businesswoman , and what I’ve learned from other experts, I can also give some recommendations: Find the ideal space to record your audios . Many people overlook this, but in the end it is important because it will greatly affect your experience and your feelings in front of the microphone, it will be reflected in the sound quality and it will give a personality point to your podcast. You will appreciate having a space with good acoustics, where there is no noise or interference, that is comfortable and comfortable for you, and where what you are watching gives you good vibes. Everything, absolutely everything can influence the nuances of your voice when you are speaking. Speak at the right pace . Not too slow and not too fast. You have to speak naturally, but you have to understand what you are saying very well and you have to keep the listener’s attention. You should know your way of speaking and try to adapt it if necessary. Choose your interviews well . If you are going to do interviews, always try to invite people to your podcast that you really admire or with whom you have a very good connection, because this way the interviews will have many more nuances and you will get much more out of the interviewees. It is good to prepare the interview very well and follow the script that you have worked on, but if the interview becomes a pleasant and fluid conversation between two people who are enjoying the exchange of that exchange, the result will be infinitely better and the audience will find it a lot more enjoyable, as well as interesting. Be yourself . Don’t try to make yourself seem more important by using bombastic phrases or words that you would never say when you’re talking to someone. This will only serve to scare the public away. If you are going to use a script, try to make it as faithful as possible to the way you express yourself. And with the time and ease that you acquire, try to reduce the scripts until they become outlines and in the end into some individual ideas so as not to forget what you want to tell. Ultimately, the podcaster is expected, above all, to be authentic and to have something to contribute, be it useful resources or information, or to spend a fun time talking about a specific topic. Are you ready to launch your own podcast now ?

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