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The diversity of marketers? A challenge for companies

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The diversity of marketers? A challenge for companies

One of the great problems that companies and brands have had in recent times in terms of their strategy has been that they are not managing to connect with their consumers or that they are even making part of them feel forgotten. It has happened, for example, with retirees, a group that feels that the ads do not represent who they are and what interests them. In advertising, they complain, the ‘classic grandparents’ always appear, despite the fact that the life experience of this group has changed and goes much further. Something similar has traditionally happened with women, who were presented in a rather flat and stereotyped way in advertisements, or with the image of the family in advertising Bolivia Mobile Database, which seemed a kind of constant decade after decade that did not adapt to changes. social. In fact, one of the great advertising trends of recent times is the one that reinvents the image of parents in advertising , in which they have begun to stop being the useless person who does not know how to change a diaper or the secondary character of caring for children. children.

Brands and companies have no choice but to represent the diversity of society. It is a question of ethics, of course, but it is also a question of business. Consumers who do not feel represented by advertising and the messages that brands are launching will go directly from consuming the products they offer. You do not buy a brand that offers a product that is not for you (so much so that it is not really, as it is not the product that one would want to consume to be in a certain way). Brands and companies therefore have to understand how diverse the world is and what consumers care about in order to offer them what they need and want. Little diverse decision-makers, bad decisions But this more diverse decision-making doesn’t work if you don’t have more diverse templates.

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In reality, marketers and executives in general should be able to make decisions thinking about what interests their consumers and not what is worth to them, but the facts have shown that this is not the case. Perhaps one of the stories that best exemplifies this is outside of marketing but remains within the product strategy. One of the series cancellations made by Amazon in its VoD service that managed to become more viral and more criticized was that of the Good Girls Revolt series , which was ‘Amazon’s feminist series’. The series, which followed the process of magazine editors to become signed journalists and was based on a true story, was canceled after its first season, despite the fact that its audience figures were higher than those of other series of the platform. The cancellation decision was made by a panel of men and the manager who had the last word had not even seen it. Viewers accused them on the internet of not understanding their audience and of making decisions in a slightly different way.

Paradoxically, the manager who canceled the series is now being accused of sexual harassment and the series could be resurrected. But by eliminating the last chapter of the plot linked to the series, it is possible to see very well what the industry’s problem is in terms of decision-making and strategy outlining. Those who make the decisions are not exactly the same as those who will consume their decisions Brother Cell Phone List. It could be said that there is a robot portrait of what the general executive is like (or the average marketer in this case) and that many things are left out of it. And for the industry this is something worrying, very worrying. Companies take action In fact, companies have begun, in some markets that are more aware of the issue and in which social pressure is greater, as is the case in the United States, to make decisions more oriented to make their workforces more diverse. Some have started using algorithms to make hiring decisions to eliminate bias.

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A company specialized in this type of algorithms recognized that the demand is increasing, not only due to social responsibility issues but also because they are not able to reach certain market niches. In the United Kingdom, an initiative of The Marketing Academy Foundation has been launched , in which it is tried to make students from more and more diverse origins launch themselves into training in this field. They do this by giving scholarships and also by publicizing marketing as a potential career. For example, they are beginning to make visits by marketers to schools in working-class neighborhoods to overcome social barriers and attract more schoolchildren as potential future marketers. The profile of marketing workers in the UK is almost classist: only one in seven marketing and branding workers have blue-collar origins. In marketing, therefore, a certain bubble is created when it comes to workers: those who set out to develop a career in this field tend to have similar profiles.

In Spain, for example, although the world of advertising has become feminized in recent decades and women have a high presence in the industry, there is no equal distribution by area, as a study showed . The design department is, for example, male in 95% of cases, but also winners in creative (67%) and writing (63.6%), although women have a stronger presence in public relations and in accounts. “In Creativity, Design and Writing, the chances of being a man are triple and double that of being a woman,” the study concluded. Forced and non-connecting representations And it is that not having diverse professionals makes that problems are avoided or they do not realize the importance of certain issues and elements when designing and launching their products. It occurs, for example, with Uber-style companies in various markets, where the platform is not safe for women, as its users have been denouncing and as managers failed to see before launching the product on the market.

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The question also has many more vertices and it is not only a question of reaching better with the messages to women, parents and retirees. In reality, when you have the same robot portrait that is repeated, you stop seeing new things and you lose scope when it comes to understanding the diversity of the world in which brands move. And to show another button: There is also the fact that marketing and advertising are somewhat ‘urban’ in the majority and focused on specific areas. Thus, as shown by a study by the National Federation of Advertising Companies and the General Association of Advertising Companies, 37.9% of the agencies in Spain are in the Community of Madrid and 30.9% in Catalonia, which is that makes most of the messages come out of Madrid and Barcelona and what makes the vision of the rural, for example, often too topical or unrealistic or that it is forgotten when building the product or the message that not everyone lives in a city with millions of inhabitants.

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