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Let’s talk about User Experience: interview with Daniel Torres Burriel

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Let’s talk about User Experience: interview with Daniel Torres Burriel

Formally, I am a usability and user Oman Phone Number List consultant. In practice what I do it is help companies and institutions to make their sites web easier to use by the personas.En places that process to make changes and modifications to make websites easier to always use treatment accommodate the objectives of the company or institution in such a way that users and website owners are happy and both have a satisfactory web experience. Among the uninitiated (including myself), there is great confusion, because everything related to your profession we call usability. What is usability and why can’t it be all-encompassing?

Usability is a discipline that deals with taking the appropriate measures so that user interfaces are easy to use. There are several phases in the development of a user interface (which to summarize it a lot is what you see on the screen), in which usability actions can be taken. The important thing is to detect when we want to adopt actions of this type so that they are as effective as possible, I do not know where that idea that it can encompass everything can come from, but of course what is clear is that a good or a bad usability it is present in all phases of a project. After all, it is the use of websites that marksif it is simple or not to use, so it is possible that it is a bad user experience that makes you take the part for the whole and that feeling remains. Let’s not forget that we are talking about people’s perception, and that is something that has a large dose of subjectivity when making judgments. 2. What are the phases of a user experience project?  The phases of a user experience project are basically the same as that of a project, without last names. The problem usually lies in the fact that user experience issues in web projects are not taken into account, or are subject to other considerations: technology, security, communication decisions, etc. User experience could be defined asthe maximum expression of good marketing, insofar as it is about maximizing the satisfaction of users, of the people who visit us, who read us, who buy from us, who vote for us …

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That is why the first phase The work on user experience always involves making a good definition of the project’s objectives, always taking into account both the needs of the owner of the project (let’s say the company), and the needs of the people who are going to use the web (say users, customers, readers, consumers). If we are not able to make the needs of both compatible in the process of defining objectives, we will be ensuring a level of bad user experience. The sooner this happens, the worse, since the weaknesses in terms of user experience will escalate as the development of the project progresses.
The following phases of workthey would simply be carried out in each and every one of the usual phases of construction, design and development of a project. The fundamental difference is that if we work on the user experience we will have to treat each of these phases as a moment in which to test, test and evaluate the actions carried out. Iterate is the keyword. 3. What is and what should be the relationship of the user experience departments / professionals with the rest of the company?

There are many opinions about it, but from my  Clean Emai of working in extensive teams (more than 90 people in various teams), the user experience profile must first of all have a high communication capacity, in such a way that their work is perceived as a complement or support to the work of the other profiles. That is the key piece.In another order of things, your relationship with the rest of the profiles should always be equal, trying to be impregnated at all times with all the details of the project, regardless of its content, in such a way that it is capable to identify weaknesses, mitigate moments of concern and, above all, act as a transmission belt between the dictates of the client’s keyholders and the developments that take place.Don’t make me think !: a common sense approach to Web usability. Steve Krug
– The design of everyday things. Donald A. Norman – Emotional design: why we love (or hate) everyday things. Donald A. Norman – Designing web usability. Jakob Nielsen – A practical guide to usability testing. Joseph S. Dumas, Janice Redish – The user is always right: a practical guide to creating and using people. Steve Mulder, Ziv Yaar – Designing the user interface: strategies for effective human – computer. Ben Shneiderman Daniel Torres Burriel My professional experience is related to new technologies since 1996. Since then I have dedicated myself to working on projects of conceptualization, strategy, user experience, design and implementation of websites for all types of clients: from business projects to projects. communication, through content management projects. At the same time, I have developed my professional work in the field of communication, both in entrepreneurial initiatives and under the cover of the media. I regularly participate in conferences and seminars explaining technology and content issues to different audiences.

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