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Inbound marketing agency: how to choose the best one for your company?

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Inbound marketing agency: how to choose the best one for your company?

Choosing an inbound marketing agency is not an easy task, since the success of your business is in their hands. It is necessary that the agency and the client understand each other and trust each other. The Inbound marketing is a complex methodology that can require a lot of time and resources. For this reason, in many cases the best solution for brands is to hire an agency that is in charge of the entire process. These are the keys to getting it right. Do you want to know what questions you should ask a digital marketing agency to know if it is the right one for your project or company? Click here and download the manual with all the questions. Inbound-marketing-agency-how-to-choose-the-best-for-your-company How to choose an inbound marketing agency step by step

1) Ask yourself what you need from your agency Before you start looking for an inbound Portugal Phone Number List agency , there are a number of issues that you need to be clear about in order to narrow your search and set priorities. Therefore, in this first section we are going to see some key questions that you should ask yourself. Do you need a supplier or a strategic partner? Broadly speaking, we could say that there are two different models of relationship between agencies and clients: If you are looking for a strategic partner , what you want is an inbound marketing agency that uses its experience in the sector to advise you on what to do. The client shares their needs with the agency and is guided by it to develop the strategy. If you are looking for a provider , you are already clear about the inbound marketing strategy to follow and what you need is someone to be in charge of executing it. Both options have advantages and disadvantages, but the important thing is to be clear about what you are looking for and make sure that your inbound marketing agency fits that profile. Do you prefer to work by actions or by objectives? For the collaboration between agency and client to be profitable, it is important to have a defined way of measuring results . If we work by shares, the client instructs the agency to launch and publish a series of things, for example, 10 articles, a 20-page ebook and a webinar per month. The great advantage of this approach is consistency: we will be creating a long-term stock of content that we can then reuse. On the other hand, if we work for objectives, what we entrust the inbound marketing agency is to get us a certain number of leads, even if all of them come from a single action. What role does inbound play in your marketing strategy? Some brands choose to abandon outbound channels entirely and focus exclusively on inbound marketing techniques . For others, inbound is one more ingredient, along with other more traditional advertising and public relations techniques. In either case, the agency with which we are going to collaborate has to be able to respect and implement the chosen approach. How are you going to manage sales? Marketing and sales are two processes that always have to be well coordinated. When collaborating with an inbound marketing agency , we have to be clear about which of these two options we prefer: Have the inbound marketing agency deal exclusively with marketing and pass qualified leads to the internal sales team. Hire an agency that can take care of both stages, that is, that deals with both generating leads and closing sales.

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2) Evaluate the candidates Even with the above points clear, we will find that there are many options for choosing an inbound marketing agency . In order to evaluate potential candidates, my recommendation is that you make a list of criteria to be able to apply them and compare results. These questions will help you get started. What is the agency’s customer retention ratio? Agency-client relationships can end for many different reasons, from unrealistic expectations to financial instability. Also, agency and client don’t always fit together, and if things don’t work out, the best solution is usually to say goodbye. But even considering that 100% retention is almost impossible, it is important that the agency has stable clients. What services do you offer? To avoid surprises later, my recommendation is that you investigate if the agency has a clearly defined catalog of services and rates. Only then will you be able to know if they can really help you with what you need and correctly estimate the budget. What are the strengths and weaknesses of the agency? It is impossible to be good at 100% of the things and 100% of the time. Therefore, when interviewing a potential inbound Clean Emai agency, always investigate what the possible weaknesses are. What are they specialized in? Another factor to take into account are the sectors in which the agency works. In general, it is a good sign that they have experience with clients similar to you. But if the agency only works with a very specific type of client, there may be problems with potential competitors. How creative are your campaigns?
If the agency includes a list of clients on their website, take a look at it to see examples of inbound marketing and digital marketing campaigns they have designed for them. Not all campaigns have to be unique and original, but they do have to be able to use creativity to add value to your customers. How do you use metrics and reports? The metrics and reports are the tool we use to quantify whether collaboration with inbound marketing agency is working. Therefore, we have to assess whether their measurement systems are aligned with what we need to know, and whether they provide regular reports. New Call-to-action Are they up to date with the trends in the sector? In inbound marketing , and digital marketing in general, things sometimes seem to change at the speed of light. Technology and consumer habits continue to evolve, so today’s good practices may be totally out of date tomorrow. Therefore, one of the key criteria for choosing a good inbound marketing agency is that its professionals are in constant training and stay up-to-date with the news to be able to apply them in your campaign.

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3) Gather all the information before taking the step One of the most important keys to making a good decision is having the right information. Before taking the final step, I recommend that you talk to the candidates on your agency “shortlist” and clarify these points well: What is your action plan for your brand? An inbound marketing agency should be able to come up with a personalized action plan and budget based on your needs. Who is in charge of content creation ? The inbound methodology is largely based on the creation of content as a way to generate attraction to the brand. These contents are your cover letter on the internet, so they should always be adjusted to the tone and values ​​of the brand. Therefore, you have to be clear about whether they will be developed internally, whether the agency will handle them, or some combination of both, as well as the approval and change processes. How would you start working together? A good understanding of the onboarding process helps to better define the expectations of both parties, so make sure you are clear about the first steps, what the agency needs from your team, and when you could expect the first results.With whom are you going to work? Presentations are important! Ask who are the people on the team who will be in charge of your account and value their experience and skills. You should also know who you have to turn to when you have any questions, when they are available and what response times they handle. How do you manage crisis or emergency situations? If we have learned anything in these months, it is that plans can change at any time. Therefore, it is essential to know what the inbound marketing agency’s availability is to resolve crises and what approaches they have taken in the past. What tools do they use? Sometimes, the agency and the client can share tools to work in a coordinated way, for example, if the agency passes the leads to the internal sales department. Even if not, it is important to understand the agency’s work well, so you should ask them what tools they use and, if necessary, ask them to explain them to you. What payment model do you use? Inbound marketing agencies can work on a monthly or service basis. In any case, all fees and extras have to be well defined from the start to avoid surprises. 7 tips to choose the best inbound marketing agency for your brand

1) Be clear about what you need In the end, choosing an inbound marketing agency means sifting through a lot of available options. And to be able to get it right, it is essential to know what we need and why . In the same way, in order to do a good job, the inbound marketing agency needs to have clear information from us. And to be able to communicate clearly, the first thing is to know what it is you want.

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2) Seek rapport, not perfection As we have seen before, there are a series of objective criteria that we can and must apply to choose the right agency. But in the end, it is no use for an agency to be great if it is not suitable for our brand . Big, small, with different specialties, for different sectors … the inbound marketing agency that fits your brand like a glove is out there, so don’t hesitate to keep looking until you find it.

3) Find out about the philosophy and values ​​of the agency Each company has its culture and its way of working. Sometimes it can happen that an agency is specialized in clients of your size and your sector, but your ways of understanding business and marketing have nothing to do with it. To avoid this mistake, you need to talk about values . For example, at Cyberclick we have always been advocates of happiness in the company and we have synthesized our culture in three values: “Admire people”, “Always find a better way” and “Customer experience freaks”. If you have not yet done the exercise of defining your values ​​as a company, I encourage you to take this opportunity to do so. Surely you and your team discover a lot about what unites you.

4) Study the success stories One of the most effective ways to really know how an agency works is to see what it has done for other clients. Many agencies include testimonials or success stories on their website; it’s a good start, but you don’t have to stop there. Head over to the brand’s channels to really see what they’ve done in context, and don’t hesitate to ask directly for first-hand experiences.

5) Check out how they do their own inbound marketing The best case of an agency’s success is … its own marketing! So find out what is the inbound strategy they have used to promote themselves as an agency and what are the results obtained.

6) Communication is important In all relationships, both personal and professional, good communication is a fundamental ingredient. You have to feel that you and your agency speak the same language, that you can ask them your questions and that they tell you how everything is going without you having to insist on asking them.

7) Find an agency you can learn from The best inbound marketing agencies don’t put themselves on a pedestal of experts, but go out of their way to explain what they are doing to the client and even offer specialized training . Collaboration between the agency and the client has to be based on transparency and trust . Even if you’ve never done inbound marketing before, you have to understand the what, how and why of what they are doing at all times. After all, they are speaking on behalf of your brand.


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