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HubSpot Operations Hub: What Can It Do for Your Business?

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HubSpot Operations Hub: What Can It Do for Your Business?

HubSpot is one of the most complete solutions for inbound marketers, with different modules and price scales to suit all needs. They recently released a new module that promises to end operations department headaches: Operations Hub . We tell you what it is, how it works and how much it costs (spoiler: many of its functions are free!). Are you thinking of hiring Hubspot for your company and have doubts? Click here and close a free consultation with us . We will help you define if this tool fits your goals and how it can benefit you. What HubSpot Operations Hub can do for your business What is HubSpot IRELAND BUSINESS EMAIL LIST Hub? HubSpot is a comprehensive inbound marketing solution that is divided into different modules or “hubs” that can be purchased separately.

Until now, we had the following:

HubSpot CRM : a totally free solution to organize, monitor and nurture relationships with leads and customers.

CMS Hub : a content manager focused on empowering websites to help customers grow.

Marketing Hub : a marketing management tool for creating content, attracting traffic, generating and managing leads , reporting and organizing your team.


Sales Hub : a solution to automate the sales process.

Service Hub : a module focused on managing customer service.

Well, Operations Hub is a new module that adds to the previous ones and that is focused on aligning and coordinating operations. The software is centered around the RevOps or operations center, which allows to obtain visibility of the different departments of the company and coordinate all the tasks, solving the problem of data silos and incompatible management tools. The main features of HubSpot’s Operations Hub Data synchronization Data syncing is a new way to connect your business applications to HubSpot natively . This way, you can coordinate HubSpot records with all your tools, without having to waste time importing and exporting. In short, you make sure that your customer data is always consistent and up-to-date. What HubSpot Operations Hub can do for your business Operations Hub integrates with 25 new applications, including Google Contacts, Mailchimp, Microsoft Dynamics, Mindbody, and Bullhorn. You can connect different types of applications, from ERP to email marketing and billing solutions. You can find all supported apps on the Hubspot marketplace. Additionally, HubSpot has already announced that it will expand the list of available integrations in the future. What HubSpot Ireland Business Email List Hub can do for your business

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There are four big differences between data syncing and traditional integrations :

Traditional integrations only sync data in one direction, for example from your CRM to your email marketing solution, but not the other way around. Instead, data synchronization works both ways. Traditional integrations start syncing data from the moment it’s set up, but data syncing also includes history. Traditional integrations work from triggers. When a certain action occurs in one app (for example, when the data of a lead is updated), the information is sent to the other app. Instead, data synchronization works in real time and keeps the two databases continuously in sync. Traditional integrations are pre-built, while data syncing allows you to customize what data is passed from one application to another. Scheduled automation Scheduled automation allows you to run code directly within HubSpot workflows . Previously, automation in HubSpot was limited to a series of preconfigured actions, but now it’s much more flexible as the only limit is your imagination.

As your business expands, customer touchpoints multiply, making automation a must. But every business has unique needs, so preconfigured automation solutions fall short of flexibility. With scheduled automation, the operations team can quickly adapt processes to changing customer needs.

Scheduled automation includes three automated actions:

Actions with custom code in workflows. Webhook actions in workflows. Actions with custom code on bots. These last two types of actions were previously available in other Hubspot modules, but are now available only in Operations Hub. Data quality automation
“Dirty” data slows down teams and spoils the customer experience. HubSpot’s data quality automation makes data cleansing not only easy, but automatic. It is a new series of actions within workflows that automatically format property values , for example, updating the format of phone numbers, using capital letters when necessary or fixing the wrong dates. This feature saves a lot of time in CRM management, so you can easily scale your customer base and integrate data from different sources without having to worry about data cleanliness. The new data formatting actions can be added to your workflows like any other. You just have to create or edit an existing workflow and activate this function so that the data will clean itself. Also, if you’re using data sync integrations, the “clean” data will be sent to the other applications you use, making the whole system work seamlessly and your team can spend more time on the really important tasks.

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How much does HubSpot Operations Hub cost? As with the rest of the HubSpot hubs (except for the CRM, which is unlimited free), Operations Hub has different pricing tiers and options.

Let’s see what the main features of each version are. 100% free version Two-way data synchronization Default field mapping Historical synchronization All third-party integrations Starter version: from $ 50 per month Includes all the features of the free version plus custom field mapping.

Pro version: from $ 800 per month Includes all the features of the Starter version, plus the following: Programmable automation and bots Webhooks Data quality automation Additional reports, lists and workflows

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