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How to write a success story that freaks out (the whole world)

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How to write a success story that freaks out (the whole world)

If you want to make your potential clients salivate and show them everything you are capable of, today I want to tell you how to write a seductive success story . With self-confidence. Sexy. Amazing. Amazing. Successful. Amazing. I stop. Sorry not sorry. Well, I’m going to tell you what a success story (or case study) is, what you have to include in it, and all the advice you need to make your success story the pearl in the crown. Come on, let’s go. case of success What is a success story I’m going to get very to the point at this point, because I suppose that by the name itself you can already deduce what we are talking about. A case of success -in the professional field- is a story through which we tell a work process that has been concluded satisfactorily. The case is only “successful” if with the elaborated work we have managed to satisfy a need that the client had and it has served to demonstrate that our product or service is the best solution to a specific problem. Success stories were not invented yesterday, we have heard about them for years and read them everywhere, but even so, you may still doubt what is the best way to present yours so that it becomes a case of successful, successful. Difference between a success story and a testimonial A testimonial would be based on taking the opinion of a client and exposing it on your website (or on any visible platform) so that your future clients can see it and verify that your service or product is effective. On the other hand, a case of success is a complete story, consisting of a beginning, a development and an end , where the entire work process is told until it ends in a satisfactory result for the client. Telling a success story is synonymous with telling a successful story about a project you have carried out , and showing your target audience what you can do for them. Why is it good for your brand to present a success story? When a customer is close to becoming a customer, one of the most common things is to investigate the brand they are going to consume in order to make a complete decision. This research usually focuses on looking for reviews of how the service or product has worked for others, and checking if the experiences generated are positive or not.

Generating a success story will help you give your brand credibility , and it will be proof that your service or product is effective and helps others to solve their problems. With a good case of success, you will position yourself as an expert voice and generate trust among your potential clients. What to include in a success story Who is your client This may seem very obvious, but I am telling you because I have seen several success stories without brand names and this causes them to lose a bit of credibility. It is possible that your client does not want you to expose their internal processes or their numbers, so it is essential that before publishing the success story you make sure to talk with your client to see if it seems correct for you to talk about them on your website. Provide him with all the information that you are going to include in your case study and make sure that it is okay for him to add it. If the client does not want you to add their brand name, you can only indicate the sector to which it belongs. State what problem your client encountered As I have mentioned before, the success story is a story with a beginning, development and ending . How was this beginning? Why did the customer come to you? It is interesting that you tell the client’s problem because in the end this story is about this: how you have been able to solve their problem with effective and quality work. Without prior problem, there is no possible success story. What solutions the customer had previously tried This point is also very powerful to persuade, because it allows you to show that no solution was valid until you showed up to solve the problem. Discuss what kinds of solutions were offered and were not effective, and focus on explaining why they chose your product as a solution. Tell how you worked to offer your solution Tell how the work process was and how you managed to integrate your products or services to solve an existing problem. What was the implementation process? How did you go about adapting to the existing framework? If your processes stand out for teamwork, constant communication and effective coordination with Canada Phone Number List Database es, it will also be positive if you highlight it so that the potential client can see what all the advantages of working with you are. What were the results obtained? To finish, I recommend that you tell how your client is currently using the product or service and what are the benefits of its use. Ideally, you should speak with very specific numbers, percentages and examples, so that the potential client can get a realistic idea of ​​what they can achieve by working with you. This graphic or numerical illustration of what you have achieved will be the final conclusion that will show in a moment everything that you have been able to contribute. Download our Guide to Sell More with Online AdvertisingSubscribe to our monthly newsletter and we will send you interesting content for Canada Phone Number List es like yours. Only 1 email per month.

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Name (no surname) E-mail I want my guide! I sign up and confirm that I have read the privacy policy Tips for your success story to be top Be careful with the aesthetic you choose It is very important that when developing your success story you do not write the text as a very long and heavy paragraph that does not breathe anything. It is important that you generate a spacious success story, with well-defined themes, where the key messages stand out above the rest. Design it as best suits your brand, but try to make it easy to read, visual, and include graphics and images that help reinforce the message you want to convey. Write so that your potential client identifies Are you clear about who your target audience is? If so, through your success story you will have to get this potential client to identify himself and be reflected in your success story. For example, if you are interested in selling to clients in the habitat sector, it will obviously be interesting for you to tell cases of successes related to the sector so that the potential client can see that you have experience in the industry, that you know how to detect what the needs of the sector are and that they have of course you know the target. When you are writing the case study, put yourself in the shoes of the potential client and ask yourself what their needs may be to seduce them with your case study. Tell the story from start to finish As I have told you several times throughout the post, storytelling is a very effective marketing strategy that fully fits with the development of a success story. Tell the story from beginning to end, focusing on the initial problem, telling what the whole process was, and ending with the results that you have achieved by participating in it. It would also be interesting if, a few months after the end of the project, you did an update with the client to see how things are going. It would be advisable to include this follow-up in the case study to show that you are involved in long-term projects and that you continue to care about the client once the collaboration is finished. Try different formats You can try to tell your storytelling in writing, by video, with infographics … do tests and move them through different channels to see what works best for you. You can also try to assemble a success story by interviewing a client, scripting what the parts have to be and what questions they have to answer to make it a complete case study. If your client is willing to collaborate and tell the success story himself, it will be very positive because it will add more truth to the story. Do you want more format ideas to tell your success story? Well, you can present it as a webinar, YouTube video or podcast , for example. Move your success story so that it reaches many people
What’s the point of working a lot on a success story if then you don’t do anything to get it to your potential customers? Make sure you carry out the necessary actions to convey the success story you have prepared to your potential clients. You can send it in your newsletter so that your database receives it, make segmented advertising so that it reaches your target, publish it on your social networks or request that it be published by a blog or well-known medium to increase your visibility. If there is trust with the client, you can also ask him to publish it on his social networks to help you with the dissemination. As you can see, there is a lot you have to prepare to achieve a successful case study. Get on your batteries, start gathering all the information about the project and structure it to tell a complete story that shows how well you can work.

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