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How Apple has managed to get its presentations and events talked about in all media

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How Apple has managed to get its presentations and events talked about in all media

Anyone opening tech media today – and indeed any mainstream outlet hoping to make traffic today – will come across a couple of news stories – or many more than a couple – about Apple and its mysterious launch / event that is scheduled for today. The mystery is not, in fact, so much, since everyone has been giving details about the iPhone that they expect to present during the day. Two models, name like iPhone 7, camera of such and such quality … that’s what the media are pointing out . The interesting thing, at least from the point of view of the branding strategy, is not so much what Apple is going to teach but rather how Apple has managed to get everyone talking about them, despite the fact that right now they continue being a non-news. It is the power of those from Cupertino, who make anything news and whatever happens, they talk about them Indonesia Mobile Database. It matters little that they present it as the umpteenth model of the same product, without many variants. They are practically sure that it will open the newscasts from half the world. Why has Apple managed to create this high level of expectation and how has it managed to make the media a kind of natural allies, extensions of its own communication strategy?

The company has benefited from a mixture of a very good marketing strategy and knowing how to play very well with the expectations created and with the mystery. Part of this reality in which he lives now and part of the success he has in his launches, is very marked by what Steve Jobs promoted when he returned to take control of the company during the 90s. Jobs decided to take a more closely linked approach to the show in the presentation of their products. The strategy Jobs was to have four or five pitches during the year and make them very theatrical form. Apple presentations began to have a staging, something they have continued to maintain ever since. This was one of the tools they used, but not the only one. One of the key to Apple’s launches was not only the promise of the show but also the fact that nothing was going to be known until that moment. Apple knew how to dose information and create mystery. A few leaks made everything look very promising, but without making a real spoiler of what attendees were going to find.

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Nothing would be known until the final moment. That final moment was also something especially exclusive. Compared to other companies that from the first moment made their big launches in streaming, so that anyone could see what they were presenting and reach massive audiences, Apple only made them for those journalists who were sitting in the room in question. No online link and nothing that the ‘civilians’ could see what was happening. Only the guests to the event were going to see it Brother Cell Phone List. Apple thus managed to make absolute control of the media and of how the message they wanted to launch reached the potential audience. In reality, Apple always maintains a media control and makes the relationship with them somewhat limited. They do not invite all the media to their events and to their meetings with journalists they also invite only a select few. And, although it may seem counterproductive, with that he has managed to create a dynamic that works very well for him.

It also has poor coverage Although covering Apple does not therefore have to be easy and despite the fact that the company is not really presenting things that deserve so much attention many times (one of the criticisms made of the new iPhone models that have been appearing is that, Despite all the interest they are getting, they are no longer really innovative and no longer really new), Apple continues to get great coverage because, in the end, it is what consumers want to hear. As all those media know that are passionately devoted to doing everything that Apple presents live, although for this they have to read everything that the US media is publishing at that time, each Apple product stars in a traffic spike. Consumers love news about Apple. This is not to say that Apple doesn’t get bad coverage. In fact, almost as successful as the good news and the news about its products have the news that speaks of how bad Apple is, demonstrating that the brand’s haters are as high an internet power as its fan boys (as also indicated , on the other hand, the campaigns of its competitors, such as Samsung, which plays the battles of fans of some against fans of others to viralize their campaigns).

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