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Google Data Studio: what it is and how to turn your data into studies

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Google Data Studio: what it is and how to turn your data into studies

Google Data Studio is a free Google tool that can greatly facilitate the work within any marketing strategy, since it gives a very visual and understandable data structure. That is, it is used to convert data into reports, but all in a very simple and fast way. If you have not heard of Data Studio or do not know exactly what it is, we explain everything you need to know below, including how to create a report with this platform step by step. Do you want to learn more about SEM and Google Ads? Click here and download the most complete manual on how to successfully run advertising campaigns on Google (edition updated to 2021). What is Google data Studio and how to turn your data into studies What is Google Data Studio? Google Data Studio is a free tool from Google that basically serves to convert data into reports, which makes it much easier to consult and share certain information. All data from Google marketing tools, such as Google Analytics, and from other external sources must be downloaded if it is to be analyzed and structured later in reports. However, with Data Studio this work is done automatically. That is, you can get very visual reports or data structures, as well as very complete, with just a few clicks.

In summary we could say that with Google Data Studio it is possible to access a wide variety of data, as well as it is possible to create reports that are based on all this data , which can be shared with other people or with the same team. What is Google Data Studio and how to turn your data into studies – Example What is Google Data Studio for? Croatia B2B List Data Studio is the tool that anyone who uses Google Analytics or other data collection programs, such as AdWords or Search Console, among others, needs. This is mainly because it is capable of creating highly visual reports quickly , in just a few clicks. In addition, these reports are fully customizable and any type of resource can be added to them, even the company logo. The main objective of this tool is that the data can be analyzed in a much more visual, simple and fast way, something impossible to achieve if it must be done manually. Google Data Studio can connect with the main Google Marketing Platform tools, such as Google Ads and Analytics; Google consumer products such as spreadsheets, YouTube, and Search Console; databases, such as BigQuery, MySQL, and PostgreSQL; and other sources, such as Facebook Ads, LinkedIn, and Twitter Ads.

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The reports that are generated through Google Data Studio are saved in Google Drive, which makes their sharing much easier. Advantages and disadvantages of this tool Data Studio has numerous advantages and also some disadvantages. We start with those positive points: It is a totally free tool , so it is not necessary to make an economic investment to implement it within a marketing strategy. All reports can be customized . Any type of resource can be added, such as graphics, tables, logos, images, a specific typeface … That is, the report can be made entirely to measure so that it is attractive and related to the brand identity. Unlimited data can be included , making it possible to do very comprehensive reporting and analysis.You can include data from different sources , such as Google Analytics, Google Ads, Search Console, Facebook Ads … All the traffic channels of your brand or company can be included. Notes and comments can be added to all reports. The reports are saved to Google Drive , making them very quick and easy to share, and can be downloaded. It is a very intuitive and easy to use program. And these are those aspects that should be improved or that are considered negative: To extract data from external sources , payment connectors must be used . When creating highly complex custom fields, the tool may become unable to analyze the data.

The option of periodic data submission is not yet available . Like any tool, this one also has its disadvantages, even so its advantages are superior, so it is really worth it, especially considering that it is completely free, to consider incorporating it into marketing strategies. How does Data Studio work? To be able to use Google Data Studio you need to register . Once this is done, reports can be created through its interface, which is very intuitive. It will also be necessary to connect this tool with those that will serve as data sources , such as Croatia Business Email List Analytics, Google Ads, Search Console or Facebook Ads, among others. Without this connection it is not possible to create reports, since Google Data Studio needs to extract the information from a place. Once this step is done, all that remains is to create. Gallery of templates for your studies The quickest and easiest way to start using Google Data Studio is through the gallery of predefined templates . Using these templates you can extract information immediately, in addition to being a way to see how this tool works and to answer questions related to Google marketing data. Using a template is very simple, just click on the one that interests us. Each of them will show the data in a certain way, although it can also be customized to suit what we need. Of course, in this case it will be necessary to save a copy to be able to use it in the future without having to add the updates or improvements again.

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What is Google Data Studio and how to turn your data into studies – Example Connect your data to Data Studio with more than 800 data sources To create reports it is necessary to have data, which is extracted from data sources . Google Data Studio is capable of extracting data from more than 800 sources through connectors, which are free as long as they have been created by Google. Community connectors, meanwhile, could be paid. What is Google Data Studio and how to turn your data into studies – Example With the connectors created by Google, information can be extracted from sources such as Google Ads, Google Analytics and other Google Marketing Platform tools. To create reports it is necessary to select the information sources to be used. What is Google Data Studio and how to turn your data into studies – Example Explore new ways to visualize your data One of the functionalities of Data Studio is the option of combining data from different sources within the same graph , which makes data comparison or union much easier. You can even join several graphics already created , as well as select how and what to display. So to get the most out of this tool, it’s best to use all these time-saving resources. To access all the functionalities, reports and data sources, it is enough to access the home page . This is very visual and intuitive, so it is very easy to use and access all the options. Create a report step by step Creating a report with Google Data Studio is very easy. Here’s how you can do it in just 5 steps:

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Enter Google Data Studio. Before entering the platform, you must log into your Google account to link it with Data Studio. Before, however, you must accept the conditions of use. Create a custom report. There are two options, create it from a blank sheet or from a template. This last option is the simplest and fastest, and modifications can be made. What is Google Data Studio and how to turn your data into studies – Example Establish data sources. In order to create a report, data is needed, so you must select the sources from which you want to extract the information. Before the data is dumped, Google Data Studio will ask you for access to that application. You can also choose between different options: tables, graphs, bars …Configure the chart. You can choose the qualitative values, the metrics and add filters so that the information you want to work on or that is useful or interesting appears. Share the report. The reports that you have created can be shared with your team, with clients … These are saved in Google Drive, so it will be enough for you to give them access. You can choose which reports each person or team can see, so you decide what data they have access to. We can conclude that Google Data Studio is one of the best tools that can be used within a marketing strategy. Among its many advantages, we highlight that it greatly speeds up the process of creating reports, since it is capable of collecting a large amount of information and representing it in a document in 5 steps. In addition, using this tool is very simple, since it is very intuitive. We encourage you, then, to start using this tool if the process of creating reports becomes increasingly cumbersome and complicated. In addition, it is a way of having all the information stored in one place, as well as being able to share it quickly with the team or clients.

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