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Emotional branding: how to generate emotional connection between user and brand

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Emotional branding: how to generate emotional connection between user and brand

In an increasingly competitive environment, emotional marketing can mean the difference between a brand’s success or failure. Thanks to neuromarketing, we know for sure that most purchasing decisions are based on emotions, even if we rationalize them later. Therefore, brands that are capable of evoking the right emotions in consumers will have an advantage over the competition . If you want to be one of them, read on and discover the power of emotional marketing. Do you want your content to be viral ? Click here and learn how to get it with our free ebook. Emotional branding how to generate emotional connection between user and brand What is emotional branding? We call emotional branding or emotional marketing the process of forming a relationship between a consumer and a product by appealing to their emotions . To do this, marketers create content that connects with the mood, ego, needs and aspirations of consumers. The concept of emotional marketing was created more than 20 years ago by Marc Gobé and popularized in his book Emotional Branding: the new paradigm for connecting brands emotionally with people. Emotional marketing connects with people’s natural desire for love, power, emotional security, and ego gratification. All of these desires are subconscious and marketing can help us address them. The use of emotions can be used directly in advertisements or specific advertising campaigns . Each emotional ad contributes to the brand’s emotional marketing strategy; We could say that each of them is a “brick” that creates the emotional structure of the brand. Emotional marketing and the hierarchy of needs To better understand the needs we are targeting with our marketing, we can think of the pyramid of needs model popularized by Maslow .

Emotional branding how to generate emotional connection between user and brand – Maslow’s Pyramid Maslow’s Pyramid (image from Trinagulum.com) According to this model, humans have to first meet our most basic needs (food, shelter, oxygen …) before moving up the pyramid of emotional needs, such as esteem and self realization. These would be the steps of Maslow’s pyramid, from the base to the top: Physiological : breathing, eating, resting, sex and homeostasis. Security : physical, employment, resources, moral, family and health. Social : friendship, affection and intimacy. Esteem / Recognition : Success, Recognition, Respect, and Trust. Self-realization . Obviously, all these needs are associated with emotions, since they are important to feel satisfied as people or even to survive. An cold calling in germany marketing campaign can target any of these steps; in fact, some brands, like Apple, have been targeting all of them through different campaigns, from “1984” (physiological needs) to “Think different” (self-actualization). The 6 archetypes of the user-brand emotional connection Another very interesting way to think about emotional marketing is the brand intimacy model of the marketing agency MBLM. This model, based on quantitative research, defines five key components that contribute to creating intimate relationships with the brand. One of them is the archetypes or types of links between the user and the brand : Satisfaction : exceeding expectations, offering superior service and quality, and being efficient. Identity : reflecting an aspirational image or values ​​and beliefs that arouse admiration and resonate with the consumer. Improvement : becoming better through branding, smarter, more capable and more connected. Ritual : integrating the brand into day-to-day activities, in habitual behaviors. The brand becomes a fundamental part of everyday existence. Nostalgia : focusing on memories of the past and the intense feelings associated with them. Often times, this is the archetype of brands the consumer has grown up with. Indulgence : creating a close relationship based on mo

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ments of enjoyment and gratification, whether occasional or frequent. Benefits of emotional marketing Greater loyalty : when your audience is emotionally involved with your brand, you are creating a relationship with them, which translates into an increase in the value of the customer’s lifetime. In this way, you will be able to reduce acquisition costs and increase profits. Differentiation from the competition and better brand image: Brands that give an emotional component to their marketing are more likely to be perceived better than their competition, since consumers identify with their human side. Better ROI : using an emotional speech helps us impact the audience with more intensity. In turn, this makes it more likely that they will respond to our calls to action and increases lead generation, conversions and, consequently, return on investment in marketing. 5 ways to promote the user-brand connection

1) Identify the emotional triggers of your audience Creating an emotional user-brand connection can be very tricky, especially when you’re targeting a diverse base of people. So to clarify your strategy, you should start by identifying what can excite your target audience the most and adjusting your approach to each customer and each moment of the sales funnel. Identify what is most important to your buyer persona : does he want to feel loved? To be successful in life? To feel safe? What are your concerns, pain points, and values Remember that Germany Phone Number List marketing is not just a matter of communication: if you want it to really work, you have to make sure that the solution you offer brings real value to your customers and can solve their pain points.

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2) Tell authentic stories The storytelling and emotional branding often go hand in hand, is that the stories are a direct route to the emotions of people; we identify with the protagonists, we empathize and we feel the same as them. How can we get our stories to resonate with the audience? Share your vulnerability. Too perfect brands are cold and uninteresting. Instead, if you have a story related to overcoming adversity, feel free to share it openly. In the end, the story of your brand and the people who are part of it is a hero’s journey that helps us connect with the audience. Look for stories that people relate to. Human beings have an urgent need to feel connected, part of a larger group. Empathizing with other people’s stories helps us meet that need. Therefore, always look for protagonists who share important characteristics with your audience. Share real and verifiable testimonials. The testimonials go one step further: we are not only telling a story with which the user can identify, but its protagonist is flesh and blood. Thus, we help our audience to see how our brand can help them and we create an environment of trust.

3) Customize Corporations with standard messages don’t excite. To create an emotional connection between the user and the brand, it is necessary to make them feel unique , to see that we recognize their individuality. And this is achieved through personalization. The first key step is to personalize communication with each of our current and potential customers, integrating what we know about him: past purchases, favorite products, birthday and, of course, name, gender and other demographic data. But the next step, the one that can really set you apart from your competitors, is customizing your own products. For example, the marketing platform for Shopify Growave tailors its solution for each of its customers. And it is that B2B brands can also do emotional marketing.

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4) Bring out your most human side People like to connect with other people. Therefore, if you want to provoke an emotional response, dare to bring out the more human side of your business . Here are some ideas to get it: Create content that tells authentic stories about your brand and the people who work for it, and about how you try to find solutions to your customers’ day-to-day challenges. Take special care of customer service. While it is important to give consistent responses to problems and be consistent with the tone of the brand, it is no less important to let your agents show their personality and connect empathically with customers. Show interest in your customers. Ask them about their needs and listen carefully; It will not only help you to connect emotionally with them, but also to improve your products and services. Show that you know their problems and that you care about solving them. Feeling that someone understands us increases the empathy and bond we feel towards them.

5) Nurture the long-term customer relationship Good relationships are based on caring and grow over time, and the emotional connection between users and brands is no exception to this rule. Emotional marketing doesn’t end with the purchase decision. To drive customer loyalty and maximize lifetime value, make sure to take extra care of after-sales customer service, continue to communicate regularly with your customers, and anticipate their needs to show them that you care.

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