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Domain and page authority: what is their importance in SEO?

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Domain and page authority: what is their importance in SEO?

The authority of the domain and page authority are two essential metrics in SEO . When it comes to positioning a page in search results, Google takes into account three main factors: the relevance of the page with respect to search intention, the authority of that page and its domain, and the user experience. But how does Google measure authority and what can we do to improve it? Read on to discover all its keys. Do you want to improve your SEO positioning and also your Inbound Marketing strategy ? Click here and download our free ebook Authority of the domain and the page what is its importance in SEOWhat is domain and page authority?
The domain authority (also called “domain authority” or DA) is the relevance that domain or web page has with respect to the rest of world pages. The higher the authority level, the more likely Google will rank the pages on that site in the top search results.

The concept of domain authority has its origin in Google’s PageRank , which assigns a value from 0 to 10 to each page depending on the level of trust it deserves according to the criteria of the search engine. PageRank moves on a logarithmic scale, that is, going from level 2 to 3 is 10 times more difficult than going from level 1 to 2, and so on. From this it follows that reaching the top positions in PageRank is very difficult. PageRank used to be the star metric to measure the authority of a page, but today Google no longer makes it public (although it still takes it into account to rank the results). Instead, we can turn to other tools that show alternative metrics on domain authority, as we will see in the next section. On the other hand, page authority (also called “page authority” or PA) is a version of the same metric but applied to an individual Slovakia B2B Contact List and not to the entire website. Keep in mind that Google results show individual pages, so this is a very important metric to consider. Additionally, individual pages can target niche keywords that are easier to rank for than generic terms.

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Regarding the factors that decide the authority of the domain and the page, although the exact algorithm that Google uses is not known, it seems that the most important thing is the inbound links . In other words, domain and page authority are a way to measure off-page SEO. SEO tools to measure DA and PA Moz. Moz is the leading “authority” for measuring domain and page authority today, now that PageRank results are no longer being published. Moz measures these metrics on a scale of 1 to 100 for accuracy. In addition, you can freely consult the DA and PA of any page by installing the MozBar browser extension. Ahrefs. This tool also has two indicators related to authority: the UR or URL rating, which would be equivalent to the page authority, and the DR or domain rating, which would be the equivalent to the authority of the cominio. SEMrush. SEMrush has its own authority metric, the “authority score”, which in turn is divided into three scores: the page score (score of the page, that is, the PA), the domain score (the score of the domain or DA) and the trust score.


How to improve the DA and PA of your site As we have seen, the most important factor in evaluating the authority of the domain and the page is the quantity and quality of inbound links. Therefore, we are going to see some recommendations to improve your SEO off page and thus increase DA and PA: Define a link building strategy from the beginning . Sometimes the mistake of focusing exclusively on on-page SEO is made, but it is very important to be strategic when it comes to getting quality inbound links. The higher the authority of the domain that links you, the more your score will improve. To increase the chances of obtaining quality links, you will have to promote your website and offer collaborations continuously. Don’t forget about internal links. When Google spiders crawl your web, it is important that all content is accessible and logically connected to each other. Google will take this into account when assessing your domain authority, because you are offering the user the possibility of visiting other Slovakia Business Email List within the site.

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Create quality and original content. If you offer content that is really relevant and that is not on any other site, it will be inevitable that they will link you from other websites. Therefore, your content marketing strategy should be focused on creating original materials that really outperform your competitors. Collaborate with other websites in your sector. The more related is the theme of the web that links you, the more relevant that link will be for Google. Therefore, it is worth spending time networking and looking for opportunities to collaborate with other sites similar to yours, for example, through guest posts or guest posting . Do periodic audits of your links to check that there are no broken links, 404 errors or links from “toxic” websites that could harm your domain authority.

Finally, a little reflection: if you use Moz’s tool to measure DA and PA and you compare the first page of Google results, sometimes you will see that the best positioned page is not the one with the highest DA and PA. And it is that although these metrics are very important, they do not take into account the other two key factors of positioning, which are the relevance of the content and the user experience. Therefore, my recommendation is that you do not obsess only with improving the authority of the domain and the page, but with all the factors that can contribute to improving your SEO.

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