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Branded content: what format to choose for your strategy

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Branded content: what format to choose for your strategy

The content branded is to generate content that unite brand and get the public. The main objective is for this audience to reach values, ways of thinking and ideas with which they can feel identified. This makes the audience trust your products and services and they become consumers. When designing a strategy, the type of branded content to be used should be chosen very well , since depending on the type of company and the type of audience, one or the other will be better. Do you want to know what questions you can ask your sales team to generate the best inbound content? Click here and download the manual with all the questions. Benefits of branded content Within any digital marketing strategy, branded content has numerous benefits for a brand: It is not invasive. One of the main problems that digital advertising has faced is that it was too invasive for users, which generated a great rejection on their part. However, the objective of branded content is that the public reaches it out of personal interest. Generate greater engagement . If the public comes to the content out of interest and naturally, a greater number of reactions or responses are obtained on their part.

Increase the number of leads . When you do a good content campaign, you increase web traffic and, consequently, the number of leads. Improve brand recognition . By transmitting values, knowledge, thoughts and ideas you can reach users and make them remember the brand for that type of content. Generates an emotional connection between brand and user . When you are able to create a story that moves the public, they will remember it more easily and connect much more with the brand. It has great viral potential . When the content is really good and attractive, users tend to share it, which is why the well-known “snowball” effect is generated and a large number of users arrive. Due to all the advantages of branded content for a brand, all companies are currently considering including it within their digital marketing strategies. However, depending on the type of audience to whom it is addressed, the type of format to be used must be considered. Types of Slovenia B2B Contact List content There are different types of branded content and, as we have said, depending on the audience a content is directed to, one format and another must be chosen to make the campaign more effective. Editorial Editorial content is everything that is read. This content would include both printed material, such as books and magazines or newspapers, even digital, such as ebooks and blog entries.

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It is a format widely used by most companies, as it is easy to produce and is accessible to a large part of the public. Audiovisual
All that thought to be seen is included in audiovisual content. We would be talking so much about material designed to be screened in cinemas, regardless of its duration, or on television. In the world of TV there are numerous types of content, since a documentary, a series, a program or any type of direct would be considered branded content. Sonorous One of the formats that has gained popularity in recent years is sound, which is made to be heard . All that material that is transmitted on radio, podcast, songs and albums or in voice assistants would be considered branded audio content. If the consumption of this type of content has grown, it is because of its practicality and comfort, since it allows another action to be carried out at the same time, something that the visual does not allow. Experiential Another type of Slovenia Business Email List content that has gained popularity is experiential, which is designed to be experienced and felt . They can be both physical experiences, such as shows, games or festivals, up to virtual experiences. This type of content is used when the brand wants an emotional connection to be established between it and the user. Interactive digital Finally, another type of content that is also very popular is interactive digital content, which has gained special prominence in recent years. This type of content is intended to create interaction .

Social networks, video games and mobile applications would fall within this format, as well as websites and all those devices that invite action. Within each of the formats that we have listed there are several communication channels and depending on which one is used, one type of audience or another will be reached. By this we mean that it is so important to choose the format and the channel within it to reach the audience that may be interested in the brand. Branded content editorial Editorial branded content or content created to be read has three communication channels: books, press and magazines and, finally, ebooks. Books Books are a widely used resource for transmitting educational content . The CEOs of some companies, for example, have published books where they explain their methodologies, their experiences throughout their careers, success and failure cases …Press and magazines Articles that will be published in the press or magazines are often used to show the innermost part of a company or the actions that have been carried out to arrive at a success story. Unlike a book, the article or report is shorter and usually focuses on a much more specific situation. That is, it does not have an educational objective, but rather informative .

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Ebooks Ebooks are often used as a lead magnet . That is, it is free content that is offered in exchange for personal data, usually an email. In an ebook, a topic is usually developed that catches the attention of the audience. Branded content audiovisual The audiovisual branded content is that created to be seen. Four types can be distinguished: film, documentary, television program and streaming. Movie theater Traditional advertisements have lost steam, so that through short and feature films the message reaches the audience in a much less invasive way . In addition, you can tell a story that conveys values, ideas or feelings in which the audience can reflect and empathize. Documentary film The documentary has an informative objective and allows to explain any topic related to the company that may be of interest. How the brand was born, the process of making a product, how the company achieved success … Tv show A television program has an informative and informative objective, even educational depending on this . Usually the programs are sponsored by a brand and its values ​​are transmitted through them. Streaming When a brand performs a live show, what it wants is to connect with the audience . Live shows can have several objectives: resolve doubts, teach news, offer valuable content …

Branded content sound Audio branded content has grown in popularity over the last few years, as it can be consumed at any time, even while another task is being carried out. Within this format we have radio programs, podcasts and voice assistants. Radio programs
Radio programs offer many possibilities to a company, since there are talk shows, informative, informative … So every brand can find one that can get its message across to its audience. Podcast The podcasts are one of the most versatile ways today to convey a brand message through audio – recorded . The company has the possibility to create its own content at a low production cost and with a wide dissemination capacity. Voice assistants Voice assistants are used to answer questions that customers may have about a company product or service. Branded experiential content Within the experiential branded content, which is the one designed to be experienced and felt, we have three types of format: shows and festivals, talks and conferences and, finally, virtual events. Shows and festivals Any show or festival organized or sponsored by a brand will be adding value to it. If we say this it is because you will be directly supporting a cultural, scientific, solidarity event … An action that is usually very well received by the audience.

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Talks and conferences Talks and conferences are a way of giving information on a topic that is of interest to the audience. It is also a way of getting closer to the public, since they are done live. Virtual events Virtual events, unlike the previous two, allow reaching a large number of audiences, regardless of where each user is, and have an informative and informative objective . Interactive branded content
Finally, within the interactive content, we have two formats, video games and applications. Video game Video games are a format that currently reaches different types of public. Brands can create video games to try to connect in a much more immersive way with the public. Applications Mobile applications are a way to connect brand with audience much faster . Through them you can receive feedback and data that can be used to improve. You can even create a direct messaging communication channel with the customer through push notifications. Now you know the importance of branded content and the different formats that exist, so you only have to choose the one that best suits you and your audience.

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