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Areas and professional profiles with the most future in digital marketing 2021

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Areas and professional profiles with the most future in digital marketing 2021

The digital marketing is one of the most dynamic and defendants today professional sectors. According to Robert Walters’ Global Compensation Study 2021 study , 85% of jobs to be offered in 2030 have yet to be invented, so … let’s talk about the future! What are the most demanded professional profiles in digital marketing ? In what areas of knowledge are you interested in training to remain competitive? If you want to know the answer, don’t miss this article. Do you want to know the 180 trends and predictions of digital marketing that will change the landscape in 2021 of our sector? Click here and download the free ebook that we have prepared for you with all the information. Areas and professional profiles with more future in digital marketing 2021 The 3 areas with the most future in digital marketing in 2021 E-commerce It is no secret that 2020 has been the year of ecommerce . This sector had been representing an increasingly significant percentage of retail sales and had a clearly upward trend, but the pandemic has provided a boost that has greatly accelerated the adoption of online sales. Many companies have had to catch up on ecommerce by force. Those that were already established have reaped many benefits, but they also face more competition than ever. All this leads to brands demanding more than ever professional digital marketing profiles focused on online commerce, who have the technical knowledge to set up a store, know about strategy and conversion funnels and can manage customer service and operations. Small companies will look for more “off-road” profiles, while large companies will demand different specialized professionals for each area of ​​their ecommerce . The future of your brand is at stake.

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SaaS B2B software Another sector that has benefited from the Covid-19 crisis is business software , especially related to teleworking . Overnight, companies have been forced to manage their workforce and resources in the cloud, and this has seen an explosion of B2B solutions, from CRM and ERP to business video calling software. In the coming years the cloud ecosystem will continue to grow and therefore, the demand for experts in this type of solution will also do so. To take full advantage of this trend, technology companies will have to hire online telephone directory germany profiles who are experts in digital marketing, who can design and implement the correct strategies to conquer the B2B market . Social media Last but not least, social media is still a very important trend in the future of digital marketing . The community manager profession, far from going out of style, is more important than ever in a world where many of the interactions between companies and clients have gone digital. Professional digital marketing profiles related to social networks will have many job opportunities in companies that seek to position their products, connect with their customers and feed their conversion funnel through social networks. In order to take advantage of them, it is essential to keep up to date on trends in this sector and master the different ways of communicating in each network. The 5 most demanded knowledge in digital marketing
We already know that digital marketing experts have to stay in constant training to be able to follow the pulse of our sector, so take note of the 5 areas of knowledge with the most possibilities for 2021 and beyond .

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SEO The online positioning is more competitive than ever and remains a critical factor for the visibility of companies. Therefore, professional profiles related to SEO will continue to be a key piece in digital marketing. As the years go by, the world of SEO becomes more and more complex and fascinating. Voice searches or semantic interpretation algorithms are some of the fundamental trends in the sector. Growth hacking The growth hacking seeks to accelerate the process of digital marketing with a set of techniques and tools to generate rapid user growth, income or a business impacts. It is a concept born in the world of startups, which seek to generate the maximum results with the least investment. Growth hacking combines technological solutions and creative techniques to “turn around” the traditional process of obtaining clients and obtain the maximum results. It is an area of ​​knowledge with many professional possibilities, since growth hackers allow brands to grow quickly and at low cost. software The automation of marketing has been one of the major trends in our industry in recent years and is increasingly consolidated. As marketing strategies scale, it is essential to have solutions that allow you to optimize the different aspects of the customer relationship and reach the right people, at the right time and with the perfect message. All this requires perfectly managing different digital marketing solutions, from email marketing software to CRM. For digital marketers, it can be a great bet to train in one of the leading software solutions on the market, such as HubSpot. Multichannel The points of contact with potential customers are multiplying and becoming increasingly complex. Today the customer journey involves different devices, on and offline channels, multiple contact points … and it is necessary to integrate them all in a coherent way to capture leads and offer a satisfactory experience. Therefore, Germany Phone Number List digital marketing profiles of 2021 must be aware of this multichannel reality and have the ability to design and implement marketing strategies that involve all channels.

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Inbound marketing 2020 has been a year of digital explosion, but companies also need to think about consolidating in the long term . And one of the most appropriate methodologies to achieve this is inbound marketing , which is based on attracting customers in an organic way by offering them valuable content. Inbound marketing experts will continue to be a high demand professional profile in digital marketing, but to keep up, they will have to keep up with technology and be able to understand the evolution in digital habits to integrate it into their strategies.


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