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All about Twitch, the trendy streaming platform

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All about Twitch, the trendy streaming platform

Twitch is a social network that became fashionable thanks to gamers . But it is evolving and growing more and more in other areas. Twitch was a social network of gamers Twitch: social network of gamers Stay and find out everything about this platform. What is Twitch and how does this trendy streaming platform work? Apart from a social network, Twitch is a live video platform , and right now it is the largest there is. Especially because it is where people spend the most time, unseating YouTube. As we have said, it became famous for its streamings of creators playing video games, but currently, with its skyrocketing growth , its range of content is expanding: talks, music, cooking, ASMR, etc. Since it was bought by Amazon in 2011, it has not stopped growing and more and more content creators make their live shows on this streaming platform.

Twitch is a platform for watching live videos On Twitch you can watch streams The user feels free because once he enters, he can choose the live that interests him the most. The interaction is bangladesh embassy email address because viewers can chat to talk to the Streamer, and that improves the user experience. Now, if that’s okay with you, let’s look at the main screen : Twitch Home Twitch home screen On the left, you will see the channels you and if they are live or not. You can follow the streamers that you like the most.Each direct must be categorized and tagged so that the user has more power of decision , if they are interested or feel like it or not.

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Everything about Twitch, the trendy streaming platform

Amazon Prime, you automatically have Twitch Prime , with which you will have a monthly subscription to a channel at no additional cost. We forgot to tell you, if you only want to go in and look before deciding to regularly consume the contents on this platform, you can do it without even registering. As a streamer, you can earn money . How? With donations from users, or with the affiliate program of the streaming platform itself. But you must meet some requirements. You can also earn money with subscriptions, with bits, with advertising or if you dedicate yourself to selling something. Why is Twitch succeeding so much? There are several reasons why this streaming platform has started to become so fashionable: Many youtubers “moved” to Twitch when they saw that they were promised so much income and that on YouTube they did not have.


If you want to see a talk, you will look for a direct one that puts “talk” underneath. Apart from following a channel (totally free), you can subscribe , and that is paying, and in return you will get a series of advantages with that streamer such as talking to him (if he is famous you may be excited), being able to use a sticker exclusive, etc. You can subscribe to a Twitch channel Also, if you have The pandemic has given a great boost to the growth of consumption in the last year. So Twitch has decided to diversify more content. It has a global reach . Their streams are all over the Earth. There is still no advertising saturation as in the other large networks such as Instagram or Facebook. There is more interaction with the public and above all: in real time. Together streamer and audience discuss issues.

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Everything about Twitch, the trendy streaming stage

We could not not talk about Ibai Llanos : if someone does not know him, it is strange, this boy has managed Bangladesh Email List Twitch to compete with television with the bells, yes, yes, you read that correctly, the bells on a social network. Ibai Llanos manages to connect with the audience of this platform (also Twitter) so well that it even manages to implement advertising content in a way that impacts users in a friendly way . Ibai Llanos Twitch Channel But you know the streaming platform and know why it has grown so much, you will be wondering how to use it in your digital marketing strategy . Tips for using Twitch in your digital marketing Before including channel in your marketing, you should know well the that is in it: There are more men than women, although a time ago the difference was greater, now it is balancing out.

As for generations, the most frequent are the millennials and the generation Z . The average age is between 18 and 34 years . More than half of users spend more than 20 hours a month on Twitch. It is consumed more in the United States followed by Germany. In the week, the closer to the weekend, the more audience there is, reaching the highest peak on Sunday .Twitch has its own audience Twitch has a certain type of audience So if your target audience agrees with the audience of the social network, then we do advise you to include it in your strategy. You can advertise in 2 ways: by placing ads in different spaces on the social network (it refers to banners on the sides, for example), or with ads in the middle of the direct ones.

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