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Accountants by marketers: how consulting firms are starting to eat up agencies’ ground

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Accountants by marketers: how consulting firms are starting to eat up agencies’ ground

Agencies are not at their best. In recent times, there have been few analysts who have indicated that they had entered a crisis based on various elements. On the one hand, its latest economic data (at least the largest) have not been the best. On the other hand, large companies are beginning to take on more and more jobs from within that agencies had previously assumed. And, finally, new competitors have appeared for them, competitors who are not making things easy for them. And in that list of competitors one of the names that is being repeated strongly lately is that of consultants Cayman-Islands Mobile Database. The consulting giants have become the new enemy to beat to ensure the survival of advertising and marketing agencies. They are also achieving this thanks to the fact that they are occupying more prominent positions in some of the elements that brands and companies are most interested in right now.

Now that they want complete services and much more business-oriented (and not only, for simplicity, that they make the announcements) the consultants are in a favorable position. Or, as a Financial Times columnist points out , the time has come when accountants start stealing niche from marketers. Firms such as Deloitte or Capgemini have begun to eat from the same plate as the marketing and advertising giants, such as WPP or Publicis Brother Cell Phone List. And, as they also insist in the column, they have done it based on better knowledge about the change imposed by digital. They have entered the restructuring processes of companies in the jump to the digital era and have already stayed in what touches more marketer elements. Traditional agencies are beginning to diversify in turn to be able to touch those points as well and thus curb the emerging appeal of consulting firms.

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Its senior executives have also begun to try to take the edge off the issue and to make it clear that the problem is not as serious as it might seem, that the consulting firms are not yet that great threat (although when the river sounds …). Consulting firms also have to change In fact, and although the consulting firms are becoming the last great threat, they will also have to readjust themselves and have to work on certain weak points if they want to conquer the marketing market … or at least get a portion of what it moves. As noted in the analysis of Digiday , the consultants have the least to improve four vital points. Perhaps the least important is the location, since it is the one that could be easier to solve. Consultants tend to work from a central point, they point out at Digiday, so they don’t have local teams on the ground. More crucial are the other three. The first of these is the question of who you sell to and how you sell yourself.

Let’s say that the consultants worked a lot in the field of adjusting prices and positioned themselves in front of the agencies accusing them of having very high prices, but now they have to not only justify their own high prices but also find the wonderful element that sells them. That is, they have to find their distinctive element that justifies brands paying them large amounts to do their work. Then there is the whole question of programmatic advertising, which is the big problem in the industry in terms of online advertising. For consultants it is one of the issues they are working on, trying to become the ones who manage that business. However, they are not yet giving clear details on how they will do it. They are not making it clear what is the element that will make them the prominent alternative. And finally, there is the question of talent. Although consulting firms have been launched en masse in hiring, they still do not have a clear area of ​​’expertise’. That is, they do not yet have the necessary talent to really harm agencies (or at least that is what is perceived from the outside).

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