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10 trends in e-commerce for 2021 that you should know

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10 trends in e-commerce for 2021 that you should know

Electronic commerce has replaced physical purchases, that is a fact. So much so that more than 70% of citizens purchase products or services through this channel. Most companies have seen the need and opportunity to adapt their business to digital platforms to increase sales and keep their brand thriving. And it is on these e-commerce trends that we want to put the focus. The e-commerce trends for 2021 are impressive and with increasing functionalities and, of course, with greater benefits for your online business. But don’t worry if you don’t know what we’re talking about, Kiwop is here for that. Next, we present the 10 e-commerce trends for 2021 and the importance of taking them into account. Go.

For example, if you don’t adapt to new forms of payment, you lose customers. If you don’t show what your users want on your website, you lose sales. If you do not give them what they seek in you, they will march. And so with everything. You must think that the use of these trends has a marked strategy to achieve a single objective: to improve sales in e-commerce this 2021 . 10 trends for your e-commerce this 2021 New payment methods Traditional payment methods are Bermuda Email Addresses in use. More and more people are using new platforms such as PayPal , Google Pay , Apple Pay or even payments through online credits to make their purchases. These new forms of payment are one of the biggest e-commerce trends for 2021 because they include fluid, fast and easy purchasing processes so that users can purchase your products or services.

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Ten trends in e-commerce for 2021 that you should know

What are you waiting for to succeed with your e-commerce? Why should you follow e-commerce trends? Electronic commerce has a very prominent importance in the purchases made by users both physically and online. Therefore, it must be taken into consideration. If you do not take into account the new trends that emerge, you run the risk that your potential customers will see your e-commerce obsolete and choose to go to the competition, which offers them a unique and updated shopping experience. Practical example at Zara Omnichannel Marketing Until today, the usual thing was multi-channel, which consists of reaching customers through all kinds of channels. In this case, it was not used to create a consistent user experience. Instead, omnichannel means a better and consistent experience, greater brand loyalty, and greater likelihood of sale. This involves the integration of all communication channels and the generation of bridges between them.


Chatbots are very useful since you will not have to worry about any problem that arises for the customer in. Electronic commerce, and it is that they will solve it at the moment. Chatbot practical example Personalization Personalization strategies involve knowing each user perfectly to adapt to each one of them based on .. All this in order to generate a unique shopping experience. If this trend is implemented properly, it will teach personalized messages to thousands of customers in multiple interactions. This will make the user feel that the company thinks of him and acquires the product or service. Shoppable content This e-commerce trend is very present in many channels.

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10 trends in e-commerce for 2021 that you should learn

Also, other variables such as the possibility of adding the product to the cart or accessing another page from which. . Practical example at Queen’s Bermuda Email List This e-commerce trend consists of releasing products or services that are not new , that is, reverse trade or buying second-hand products. This reverse trade is very broad, since it can be from selling used products through social networks to buying / selling . Second-hand products on specific platforms for it.  Click & Collect This Anglicism means buying online and going to pick up at the physical store . This union of channels is widely used by customers, since they look online without queuing and only go to pick up their items.

And one of the ways is the sale of experiences of value. This means that the company does not focus on selling a product, but goes further by focusing on the experience of value that the buying process and the acquisition of products entail . In short, getting a customer to access e-commerce not for buying a product, but for the experience involved in doing so.  Ultimately, promoting brand values means that customers feel closer to you, that you think of them and that you are one of them. If you get them to see you like this, your chances of selling will increase.

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